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Kick-off meeting to interconnect the Tajik Customs system

The meeting was attended by delegations of Tajikistan (3 delegates), IRU (3 delegates) and the TIR secretariat.

After a brief tour de table, ECE presented a project overview, proposed a draft project methodology and a technical overview of the eTIR international system and answered various questions. The participants, acknowledging the progress already accomplished in Tajikistan for the computerization of the TIR procedure with the assistance of ABBAT and IRU, agreed on the follow-up actions below:

  • Tajikistan will inform about the composition of their project team.
  • Tajikistan will amend the project plan and schedule (Gantt chart) as well as the communication plan.
  • Tajikistan will send any question they would have to ECE by email, including on the Gantt chart, the communication plan or the eTIR specifications.
  • Next meeting will be organized upon request from Tajikistan. ECE will circulate an agenda a few days ahead of the meeting.
  • ABBAT stressed its willingness to continue to support customs in the path towards eTIR.