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eTIR National Application

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Discover the eTIR National Application (eTIR NA), the new solution developed by the UNECE TIR secretariat to interconnect customs authorities with the eTIR international system faster, and open the digital chapter of the eTIR system.



The interconnection of national customs systems with the eTIR international system is a prerequisite to perform the eTIR procedure based on Annex 11 of the TIR Convention, 1975. To date five countries have successfully performed this interconnection. Based on the experience gained from these interconnections, an average of 11 months together with extra resources (funds and experts) were required by the Customs authorities to perform their interconnection. It should be noted that these extra funds were provided to the customs authorities by the TIR secretariat through the UNDA project. Moreover, throughout the entire process the TIR secretariat was heavily engaged. For the survival of the TIR system it is strategically important for as many as possible national customs systems to interconnect to the eTIR international system. Given the average time required for interconnection, i.e., eleven-months, and the need to raise funds currently not available to fund this exercise it would take years for all contracting parties to interconnect.  

To this end, the Secretariat, mandated by TIRExB, designed and developed a solution, the eTIR National Application (eTIR NA). The eTIR NA is fully aligned with the eTIR Specifications and Annex 11 of the TIR Convention, 1975. It is proposed to be provided, to customs authorities, at no cost. The eTIR NA will permit the performance of the eTIR procedure without requiring interconnection with national customs systems. It can be either implemented as a stand-alone application or for the purposes of advance TIR data, risk analysis etc., the application could be interconnected with national customs systems. 

Main benefits: 

  • Allow customs officers to:
    • Access eTIR transport information

    • Receive eTIR messages (advance TIR/amendment data, notification, …)

    • Send eTIR messages to record TIR procedure completions

  • is accessible via any standard web browser at any customs offices with network access.

  • Fully based on existing eTIR messages and procedure

  • Compliant with eTIR conformance test requirements


Key features:

  • eTIR interactions:

    • Send and receive all eTIR messages related to customs

  • Internationalization: ease to add any new languages

  • Integration:

    • with eTIR:

      • eTIR transport data

      • TIR operations

    • with ITDB:

      • TIR Carnet Holder status

      • Customs offices data

      • Customs sealings and stamps data

      • Authentication (optional)

    • with national customs system

      • Authentication (optional)

      • Advance TIR data via API

  • Hosting options:

    • SaaS

    • On premises (Main option)

    • Hybrid

  • Compatible with customs authorities using IRU TIR-EPD system.


eTIR NA location in the TIR system