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Kick-off meeting to interconnect the Pakistan Customs system

The meeting was attended by the delegations of Pakistan Customs (11 delegates), IRU (1 delegate) and the TIR Secretariat (UNECE).

The meeting was opened with a statement by the delegation of Pakistan, which stressed the willingness of Pakistan to use eTIR to further promote regional and international trade, taking account of the strategic position of Pakistan for South Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia and the Middle East. It also confirmed the commitment of Pakistan to connect to the eTIR international system and the readiness of their professional teams to complete the project with the assistance of ECE and IRU. ECE also welcomed all the participants and provided a brief introduction. IRU further stressed the efforts already undertaken by Pakistan towards eTIR and their current efforts to further use it for intermodal transport.

The meeting continued with a joint presentation by ECE and IRU on the project overview and was followed by a presentation by ECE on a proposed project methodology and a technical overview of the eTIR international system. ECE also indicated that funds are available, if necessary, to hire consultants that would assist with the project. After various questions by the Pakistani delegation were answered, the participants agreed to the following:

  • Pakistan Customs will nominate a focal point for the project and inform ECE about the composition of their project team.
  • The designated Project Team of Pakistan Customs will consider and, possibly, amend the project plan and schedule (Gantt chart) and communication plan.
  • The Project Team, with the assistance of ECE and IRU, will analyze the eTIR specifications and refine the scope of the project for Pakistan.
  • ECE will answer questions regarding the Gantt chart, the communication plan or the eTIR specifications, and organize a technical meeting if necessary.
  • Next meeting