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First kick-off meeting to interconnect the Kyrgyz Customs system

The meeting was attended by delegations of Kyrgyzstan (2 delegates), IRU (2 delegates) and the TIR secretariat.

After a brief tour de table, ECE presented a project overview and answered various questions. The participants agreed on the follow-up actions below:

  • ECE will circulate summary minutes of the meeting and attach the presentation, the draft project plan (MS Project), the draft Communication plan, a link to the eTIR documentation portal as well as a proposal for a follow-up meeting. ECE will circulate an agenda a few days ahead of the meeting.
  • Kyrgyzstan will inform about the composition of their project team.
  • Kyrgyzstan will amend the project plan and schedule (Gantt chart) and check the communication plan.
  • Kyrgyzstan will send any question they would have to ECE by email, including on the Gantt chart, the communication plan or the eTIR specifications.

ECE will organize a follow up meeting to complete the kick-off of the project on 21 June 2021