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In February 2020, Countries have adopted provisions providing the legal basis for the paperless operation of the United Nations TIR Convention (the so-called eTIR) - the only global customs transit system, facilitating trade and the seamless and secure movement of goods across borders.

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Benefits using eTIR


The benefits from the use of the electronic TIR procedure, the eTIR international system, are multiple for all the stakeholders...


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The eTIR international system brochure explains at a glance the system, the main stakeholders, the main milestones achieved in the last years as well as the benefits for the main actors.

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TIR with an 'e'

Back in 2003, the contracting parties to the TIR Convention launched an “eTIR Project” aimed at providing an exchange platform for all stakeholders involved in the TIR system, known as the “eTIR international system”.

On the 7th of February 2020, the contracting parties to the TIR Convention adopted the legal provisions to allow TIR transports to be operated under the eTIR Procedure which no longer requires the TIR Carnet.


How does eTIR work?

Benefits using eTIR

The eTIR system offers benefits to all actors involved in the TIR system.

First, it brings additional security and risk management opportunities, thus reducing the risk of fraud.

Second, advanced international cooperation will allow all actors to significantly reduce their administrative burden and to maximize the benefits of integrated supply chain management.

Finally, the provision of advance cargo information and the exchange of information in real-time will speed up the TIR procedure.

eTIR Objectives and Advantages

  • More accuracy with goods delivery times
  • Possibility to put goods on the market more quickly and generate
  • Makes TIR more attractive and eases its management
  • No physical stocks of TIR guarantees required reduction of related costs
  • Possibility to log TIR transports in real time further reducing possible risks
  • More flexibility related to work with TIR and possibility to obtain TIR electronic guarantees outside of office working hours
  • Reduced border waiting times
  • Reduced time related to TIR handling
  • No need to go to the association to obtain TIR guarantee
  • No need to fill in TIR guarantee manually
  • Possibility to log TIR transport in real time
  • Reduced administrative burden in the absence of paperwork more time to focus on high risk consignments
  • Enhanced security and reduced risk of fraud identical information available at all customs en route electronically
  • Streamlining TIR procedures at border crossing points Modernised customs procedures
  • Generating more revenues by further trade facilitation

eTIR international system in motion

eTIR international system, turning borders into bridges. 


Posts, Events and News

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Kick-off meeting to interconnect the Tajik Customs system

The meeting was attended by delegations of Tajikistan (3 delegates), IRU (3 delegates) and the TIR secretariat.

After a brief tour de table, ECE presented a project overview, proposed a draft project methodology and a technical overview of the eTIR international system and answered various questions. The participants, acknowledging the progress already accomplished in Tajikistan for the computerization of the TIR procedure with the assistance of ABBAT and IRU, agreed on the follow-up actions below:

Kick-off meeting to interconnect the Uzbek Customs system
Uzbek Customs Administration and the TIR Secretariat held the first kick-off meeting to interconnect the Uzbek Customs System with the eTIR International System.
An information meeting between the Armenian Customs Administration and the TIR Secretariat
Amenian Customs Administration and the TIR Secretariat held a first information meeting to study the interconnection of the Armenian Customs System with the eTIR international system.
Capacity building workshop: implementation of the eTIR international system in the ESCWA region
ESCWA organized in cooperation with UNECE, IRU and Euro Med Transport Support Project a capacity building workshop “Implementation of the eTIR International System in the ESCWA region” on 16 and 17 December 2020. More than 140 participants from 15 ESCWA member States participated at this regional capacity building workshop.
Morocco Customs Administration and the TIR Secretariat meeting
Morocco Customs Administration and the TIR Secretariat held an informative meeting concerning the interconnection of Morocco Customs System with the eTIR International System

Did you know?

The TIR system, used by over 34,000 transport and logistics companies in its 77 contracting parties

Documentation, Support and Training

Description of support and training


This document describes the I1 - Accept guarantee request message, and the I2 - Acceptance results response message of the eTIR international system web services.


Did you know?

The TIR system reduces cross-border transport time by up to 80%, and costs by up to 38%.